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 ISSUE 1999, vol. 10, no. 1

Trends in information policy of the European Union (I. Thompson) ... p. 3-5

The author deals with the information policy and strategy of the European union (EU) and of their institutions. He explains the need of information about EU and from EU in uniting Europe and stresses the significance of the Internet which becomes in this turning period the most important source of information on E. Particular sources of information are presented including databases which are established by EU institutions and which are maintained on Internet. The important role of librarians and information workers in the Czech Republic which they may may in preparing the country to enter EU is also mentioned.


Retrieval in full-text databases (V. Červený) p. ... 6-12

The general stage and possibility of exploration of the full-text databases are briefly described at the beginning of the article. At the following part the full-text systems are divided into three generations according to the methods of construction of the query and are presented their basic characteristics. The article shows deficiencies in the first and second generations of the full-text systems and describes principles and methods of their elimination. At the following part is briefly described the full-text system of the third generation (TOPIC( and are described some specific characteristics completed with paragraphs measured in factual database of full-text documents. At the last part of the article are suggested possible ways of the further development.


Authority files for the national religious bodies in the Czech Republic (H. Vodičková) ... p. 13-17

The decision of the Joint Cataloguing Committee of the SKIP and ČIS Prague to elaborate the Czech National authority filers for the religious bodies was the result of numerous publication activities in the field of religious literature and all kinds of information media in the Czech Republic. The work was divided into two methodically different parts: Religious orders and societies (about 100 authority headings) and Churches and confessions in the Czech Republic (21 authority headings). The article gives detail information on the sources of authority files, on the work in progress, on the problems with the authority heading determining in the connection with AACR2R and on the content, structure and final form of the authority entry. A short information about following activities in this field, which special library religious workplaces should carry out is given, too. Both national authority files are available for cataloguers and bibliographers on the Internet address.



Multimedia libraries in information society (J. Hartman) ... s. 18

International library conference : Public Libraries in New Europe II (V. Streit) ... s. 19

Culture contexts of librarianship in the information society (V. Streit)  ... s 20

Seminar on Processing of Periodicalls in the Union Catalogue of Libraries of the Slovak Republic (G. Krčmařová - H. Nová) ... p. 21-22

Electronic Publishing Conference (D. Mladičová - H. Nová) ... p. 22



Historical Library Santa Cruz in Valladolid (J. Kašparová) ... p. 23-25



Important development in the process of building a "national records archives" (J. Hůlek) ... p. 26-27

Musicological conference on music documentation in Bratislava (Z. Petrášková - J. Hůlek) ... p. 27



Medium-term IFLA programme for 1998-2001 (-s-) ... p. 30-33

CASLIN - the Union Catalogue of the Czech Republic and foreign periodicals (D. Vyorálková ... p. 34-36

New edition of the world publishers directory (aj) ... p. 37

CR-ROM of the State Technical Library (A. Brožek) ... p. 37

French-Czech and Czech-French special dictionary of librarianship and information services (A. Brožek) ... p. 38

Brief communications ... p. 39

Searches compiled in the Librarianship Division of the National Library of the Czech Republic in the second half of 1998 ... p. 40-41