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 ISSUE 2001, vol. 12, no. 1

How can you see the future role of a librarian information worker at the turn of the millennium? (A survey) ... p. 3-11

Librarians - peacemakers in the new electronic world (G. Cornish) ... p. 12-14

Publishers and libraries serve and rely on the same community to produce and use materials. They need to work together to solve the problems of access, security, payment and integrity. Libraries are the essential intermediaries who can broker a satisfactory solution.

The future of library profession (V. Walsh) ... p. 15-17

Standing of librarians in "cyberspace" is considered as well as the problem of copyright in connection with digital information. It is emphasized that despite application of new technologies we cannot neglect traditional role of librarians. Particular place in activities of library associations of the industrial world belongs to the libraries of developing countries in which are still great problems not only with an introduction of online services but also with offering traditional library services connected with the development of collections and their preservation. Librarians have sense for a community and therefore they should attempt at elimination of differences between information poor and information rich members of local and global communities.

Online information retrieval I: art or science? (R. Papík) ... p. 18-25

The article is an introduction to the theory and practice of online retrieval and will be continued in few parts. First part explains basic terms, categories, and ways of information retrieval. We see relation of information retrieval and digital economy building of information repositories, knowledge organization and knowledge retrieval process. We differentiate various possibilities how to reach relevant information. Retrieval process is accommodated to a reality of information needs and re quests of users and certainly a kind of media. In the age of the Internet we can decide much more effectively how to use "information repositories" indeed thanks advanced retrieval tools, techniques, and strategies. To retrieve information is competitive advantage in the age of information society, also a combination of "art" (creative process) and "science" (abilities, knowledge how to retrieve). The article shows principles of access to online systems (databases, vendors etc.) by telecommunication tools and compares a searching by end-users and by information specialist (in a role of information broker). There are mentioned stages and important steps of retrieval processes, search elements, principles evaluation of systems and given to a context of modem online retrieval services and tends. Figures, references and further information are included.

The co-operative system of article bibliography and linking of analytical records with full texts - starting points and a present-day status (I. Anděrová) ... p. 26-37

Article information and access to printed or electronic form of documents pertain to standard services abroad. Current projects and services are dealing with linking of secondary data with full texts within framework of integrated library services. Indexing of articles has a great tradition in the Czech Republic. The Co-operative sys tern of the Article Bibliography is based on regional and branch guarantees for indexing of co-operating libraries periodicals. On Czech Internet the electronic publishers and services involved in distribution of full texts are appearing. In The National Library of the Czech Republic projects (Analytical Bibliographic Records as a Gateway to Full Texts, Union Database of Co-operative System of Article Bibliography — Optimizations of Integration and Management of Heterogeneous Data) particularly the issues of automatic indexing of documents, Dublin Core metadata, static and dynamic linking of electronic documents, concept based retrieval are being solved.

Lettersoup (M. Svoboda) 38-40

XML language, Z39.50 protocol and relating problems (P. Krbec) ... p. 40-41

Z39.50 and XML (N. Andrejčíková) ... p. 41-44

Z39.50 versus (?) XML (S. Psohlavec) ... p. 45-46

Liberec Library and its construction of reconciliation (J. Cejpek) ... p. 47-50



The year 2001 -50 years of IAML and 30 years of the Czech National Branch of IAML (J. Hůlek) ... p. 51-52

Significant jubilee of PhDr. Jitřenka Pešková (J. Hůlek) ... p. 52-53



A view of the other side (A. Hrazdil) 56-57

Cooperative project "Making available entries of the Czech book production of the 20th century on Internet and CD-ROM" as viewed by its participant (I. Brožek) ... p. 57-58

Obituary: JUDr. Zdeněk Franc (K. Groh) ... p. 58-62

Reviews (R. Papík, V. Streit) ... p. 62-64

Brief communications ... p. 64-65

Searches compiled in the National Library of the Czech Republic in the second half of 2000 ... p. 66