ISSUE 2004, vol. 15, no. 1

Thoughts over ethics in librarianship and information science professions ... p. 3-6

Jarmila Burgetová

Issues of ethics in librariansip and information science professions are thought over. Authors who dealt with these issues in the Czech Republic from the 90th until now are briefly mentioned with a list of basic foreign information sources. European ethical rules in librarianship are dealt with in detail and the Ethical rule of Czech librarians, which was elaborated by the author in cooperation with the Union of Librarians and Information Workers, is presented.

ethics in librarianship, information ethics, ethical rules in librarianship, the Ethical rule of Czech librarians

Information Literacy - Theory and Practice in the Czech Republic ... p. 7-18

M. Dombrovská, H. Landová, L.Tichá

This case study reviews the information literacy issue as seen in the context of information and library science, the educational system and public policy in the Czech Republic. The historical overview serves as a basis for a better understanding of the origin of the term information literacy. Then the authors attempt to point out the importance of the connection between theory and practice. The educational role of libraries and the concept of a teaching librarian are discussed, and especially accented are the information literacy programs in higher education. Cooperation (esp. library - faculty) is vital to the successful implementation of information literacy programs into the curriculum.
Information literacy is introduced also as a public policy issue. Crucial public policy documents in this field are analyzed and key players highlighted. Information literacy as a policy - this is a new topic in the Czech Republic. A group of information professionals, together with public policy experts, try to define the relationship between information literacy, life skills and other competences that are essential for life in the information society. Information Literacy as a Structure Definition is also suggested. The definition of information literacy standards and the goals of information education seem to be a key point for further actions. There is an effort to make the information literacy concept, its definition and standards an integral part of the National Information Policy of the Czech Republic.

information literacy, information education, information policy, education policy, key competences, competences for 21st century, computer literacy, new roles of librarians and information professionals

The Prague declaration "Towards an information literate society"  ... p. 19

University teaching subject „Information studies and librarianship“ from inside. Selected problems ... p. 20-23

J. Cejpek

Selected present problems of implementation of the acredited study subject 7201 „Information studies and librarianship“ in three university workplaces in Prague, Brno and Opava are mentioned. The direction of development in which this subject should continue in future is suggested and salary rates of its graduates in libraries are also mentioned.

information studies and librasrianship, education of librarians, education of information professionals, salaries in libraries, information science



The topic "criticism" in the annual conference of the Czech Music Science Society (J. Hůlek) ... p. 24

The exhibition on behalf the jubilee of Ladislav Vycpálek  (J. Hůlek) ... p.25

Music publications from the St. Joseph´s Monastery in the New Town of Prague (J. Vozková) ... p. 25-28

Review ... p. 29


What does parchment tell us? (M. Součková) ... p. 30-33

Historical book - a work of art as well as a source of information from the view
of a hybrid library
(M. Hejnová) ... p. 38-40

MEMORIA Project - manuscripts and old prints accessed on internet (S. Psohlavec) ... p. 40-43

CALIMERA - a project to support coordination of archives, libraries and museums in using information technologies (V. Richter) ... p.  44

Obituary: PhDr. Jaroslava Jeřábková (B. Stoklasová) ... p. 45-46