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 ISSUE 2004, vol. 15, no. 3

Conception of libraries development in the Czech Republic for 2004–2010 ... p. 123-151

Complete text of the Conception of libraries development in the Czech Republic for 2004–2010 introduced by V. Richter (National Library of the Czech Republic). The Government Decision No 679 from July 7, 2004, adopting the Conception, and Ministry of Culture presentation report are included. The Conception comprises a detailed analysis of state-of-the-art of library and information network and services in the Czech Republic including SWOT analysis; development programmes supporting library acitivities in the past are evaluated. The Conception in itself is presented at the end of the document, selected statistical data concerning libraries and their services are available in the annex.

Keywords: strategic documents, library and information services, libraries, libraries funding, legislative situation, development programmes, the Czech Republic

Czech National Corpus – main features in a broader context
 .... p. 152-168

(F. Čermák, V. Schmiedtová)

he article is devoted to basic information about corpus linguistics and corpora and is focused especially on the Czech National Corpus (CNC). History of corpus linguistics and related disciplines (corpus lexikography) is outlined and basic corpora features and types (written, spoken, synchronic, diachronic, dialectal, paralel, learners’ and training corpora) are presented. CNC history and structure is described (basic CNC parts are: written synchronic corpus SYN2000, written diachronic corpus Diakorp and Prague spoken corpus). Problems of CNC development and compilation are discussed it detail (it concerns the question of difference between synchronic and diachronic corpus, representative ratio of selected texts, text collection and processing). CNC technical solution, access, using and future plan for CNC development are mentioned at the end of the article.

corpus linguistics, corpora types, Czech National Corpus, the Czech Republic

Augustin Merta´s life and work – festschrift to his 90th birthday ... p. 169-193

The festschrift consists of biography, bibliography and anthology of Augustin Merta, who celebrates his 90th birthday on November 30, 2004. A. Merta belongs to founders of information science in the Czech Republic. Personal texts of his colleagues and disciples are amended. The festschrift focuses Merta’s importance for development of theory, methodology and practice of information and library services in the Czech Republic.

Keywords: Augustin Merta, festschrift, biography, bibliography, anthology, information science, the Czech Republic



Cataloguing of school annual reports from the 19th century (K. Steinerová) ... p. 194-199



The „Scientific Community in the Czech Lands 1882–2000“ Database (J. Borovičková, M. Svatoš)  ... p. 200-207

The Slavonic Library in its history, present and future  (L. Babka)  ... p. 207-210

New forms of collections accessibility in the Museum of West Bohemia Library in Pilsen (I. Šedo)  ... p. 210-211

Gentlemen are still alive  – Ladislav Kofnovec‘s 80th birthday (R. Vlasák)  ... p. 211-213

Data mining  (V. Sklenák)  ... p. 214

Philosophy written in italics  (J. Cejpek)  ... p. 215

Guidelines for a collection development policy using the Conspectus model (S. Presová)  ... p. 215-216

E-serials collection management (P. Pěnkavová)  ... p. 216-217