Searching With Topics

You can submit concepts to the Verity search engine by including topics in your query. A topic is a predefined query that consists of words, phrases, and operators that define information related to a concept or a subject area. (Topics, which are defined in advance by an administrator for your application, are available to all users for searching.)

The subject area of a topic is typically identified by its name, which may be a single word, such as seafood. If you use a word in a query that matches an existing topic, you will find that your results list includes documents that contain more than just the word itself, because the Verity search engine automatically expands the search to include all the words defined as part of the topic called by that name.

For example, the single-word topic seafood might stand for the predefined query that includes not only seafood, but also the related concepts crab, lobster, and shrimp. In this case, the following query finds pages that contain not only seafood, but also crab, lobster, or shrimp.



If you do not want the Verity search engine to expand the search to treat seafood as a topic, you can limit the search to the exact word by placing it in double quotation marks: