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 ISSUE 2004, vol. 15, no. 2

State Technical Library – its origin and history from 1718 till 1945 ... p. 61-74

E. Sošková

State Technical Library is one of the most important Czech technical libraries managing large collections and providing modern and complex information services to its users. History of the Library is dated back to 1718, when technical college of the Estates was established. State Technical Library provided library and information services especially for teachers and students of Czech technical colleges and universities until 1945 (therefore it was called Library of the Technical Universities of Prague till 1960). The article traces this eventful history and is focused especially on library historical status, collection development and funding (including detail information about historical book holding), library place of business and major personalities who influenced the library history significantly.

Keywords: State Technical Library, history 1718–1945, technical libraries, the Czech Republic

Evidence based medicine and its influence on work of medical libraries and information centres
  ... p. 75-81

A. Jarolímková

Evidence based medicine (EBM) is a trend that builds on application of medical research results during process of clinical decision. EBM influences not only courses of treatment diagnosis etc., but work of medical libra-ries and information centres as well, mainly in the fields of information resources, information retrieval and information literacy of the users. New types of information resources like synopses and syntheses and changes in using traditional resources like bibliographic databases are connected with EBM. EBM also makes demands on formulation of search strategy and use of filters. Correct application of EBM depends on physicians’ information literacy, therefore EBM opens a space for development of users’ training programmes in libraries and information centres. EBM principles are currently being applied also in the field of library and information services and processes.

Keywords: evidence based medicine, EBM, medical libraries and information centres, information resources, information retrieval, users’ information literacy

International identifier ISAN for audiovisual works and the inception of their international registration system ... p.82-88

E. Bratková

The article brings information about newly published international standard ISO 15706 (ISAN) and the birth of the international system for audiovisual works identification and registration. First parts of the article are devoted to delimitations of identified entities (i.e. abstract audiovisual works and their expressions), typology of audiovisual works, the structure description of the international identifier ISAN and methods of its allocation. The text compri-ses selected examples of audiovisual works/expressions to which the number ISAN can be allocate. In the following parts the attention is devoted to a succesive formation of the global system for audiovisual works identification and registration. In recent time the ISAN system compri-ses the ISAN International Agency (ISANIA), residing in Geneva within the Association of International Collective Management of Audiovisual Works (AGICOA). The first six audiovisual works producer’s associations (from France, Spain, the USA, Sweden and Switzerland) submitted the application to be appointed as registration agency ISAN. Metadata for audiovisual works registration and recent stage of the ISAN database compilation are cha-racterized in details.

Keywords: audiovisual works, international identifiers, International Standard Audiovisual Number (ISAN), international system for audiovisual works registration (ISAN system), ISAN database, metadata for audiovisual works



Czech edition of Amendments 2002 (AACR2R, 1998 revision) (Z. Nováková) ... p. 89-91



eIFL Direct programme in Czech libraries in 2000–2003 (H. Nová) ... p. 92-95

Elsevier – high-quality combination of publishing, information products and services in STM (D. Kindl) ... p. 96-100

Report from the INSPO 2004 conference (L. Skolková, T. Chmelař) ... p. 101-102

„My book“ – „the Big Read“ in the Czech Republic  ... p. 102-103

Childern’s book fair in Liberec (D. Petrýdesová, L. Skopová, E. Koudelková) ... p. 103-104

Subject retrieval in a networked environment (J. Skolek) ... p. 104-105

Modern Information Retrieval (V. Sklenák) ... p. 105-106