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 ISSUE 2004, vol. 15, no. 4

Digital Libraries in theory and practice

M. Bartošek

The article is a general overview of principal theoretical and practical features of digital libraries described from the point of view of computer science. It is focused on basic architecture, global identification infrastructures, metadata, interoperability and resource discovery in globally-distributed digital libraries. General characteristics of each feature are amplified on practical solutions of recent infrastructure of digital libraries. The most important programmes for digital libraries development are mentioned and selected bibliography for further study is amended.

digital libraries, digital libraries definition and architecture, metadata, interoperability, global resource discovery, information objects identification

National library – its concept, function and importance for the society in the beginning of the 21st century

E. Němcová

The article deals with the concept of „national library” and the history and state-of-the-art of the definition of its meaning. It indicates an ambiguous understanding of functions of national libraries in various times and countries and describes international research and normalization trends in the field. The functions and role of the national libraries are analyzed in the historical context and from the viewpoint of their importance for national and international library systems and protection of cultural heritage. Typology of the national libraries including a number of examples is explicated in detail as well.

national library, concept, functions and typology of national libraries, national library systems, international co-operation


Application of methods of e-commerce in libraries – theoretical approaches and practical solutions abroad

A. Vaněk

The article describes the present development of electronic commerce and related business and non-business concepts and activities in libraries, namely in those with public services. Emphasis is put on the use of virtual services in which the Internet as a modern technological instrument plays a key role in implementing of large spectrum of different activities of electronic commerce. The author notices the impact of still more and more visible commercialization of the Internet, which is reflected in the existence of different methods of the e-commerce. Importance is laid on the explanation of possible methods of communication among different entities of an existing electronic market, especially in models B2B and B2C and a task of public library in this area. The article describes basic principles of business models of e-commerce, compares and analyses abilities of modern libraries, which can successfully use all advantages of the Internet, new ICT and trends for their own benefits. These modern libraries begin to realize a new way of communication with their users/customers, business partners and other institutions.

e-commerce, Internet, B2B, B2C, financial sources, fundraising, virtual reference services, e-government, e-publishing


Conception of libraries development in the Czech Republic for 2004–2010 ... p. 123-151

Complete text of the Conception of libraries development in the Czech Republic for 2004–2010 introduced by V. Richter (National Library of the Czech Republic). The Government Decision No 679 from July 7, 2004, adopting the Conception, and Ministry of Culture presentation report are included. The Conception comprises a detailed analysis of state-of-the-art of library and information network and services in the Czech Republic including SWOT analysis; development programmes supporting library acitivities in the past are evaluated. The Conception in itself is presented at the end of the document, selected statistical data concerning libraries and their services are available in the annex.

Keywords: strategic documents, library and information services, libraries, libraries funding, legislative situation, development programmes, the Czech Republic



Seminar and session of the Slovak National Branch of IAML in Trnava (J. Navrátilová)  ... p. 278

Choral manuscripts in the Music Department of the National Library
of the Czech Republic
(J. Vozková)  .... p. 279



Code of ethics of Czech librarians
... p. 282

Education of an information professional for current needs – a new study programme „Informatics and chemistry“ in the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague
(M. Nič) ... p. 282

Benedictine library in the Rajhrad monastery (Moravia) – comeback after
the thirty years
(V. Jelínková) ... p. 286

Making the catalogues of the Research Library in Olomouc available online within the Czech Ministry of Culture programme „Science and research“
(L. Machačová) ... p. 290

11th International Conference Crimea 2004 – Libraries and information resources in the modern world of science, culture, education and business
(S. Knollová) ... p. 292

Emerging technologies for the cultural and scientific heritage sector
(Z. Uhlíř)  ... p. 294

Explanatory dictionary : art, graphics, restoration
(A. Richterová) ... p. 297

Fundamentals of collection development and management
(S. Knollová) ... p. 298

Castle and palace libraries in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia
(J. Chadimová) ... p. 300